healthy emission-free mobility

"turnkey" e-bike sharing

"turnkey" e-bike sharing

SOLARBIKES is a complete system and can be put into operation immediately after delivery. The modules are delivered fully assembled and placed directly at the sites without any infrastructure work if desired. If you want to move a location, this can be done easily at any time.

Always on a dry saddle

The bike port guarantees users a perfect start, regardless of the time of year and the weather conditions . In addition, it generates electricity whenever the sun shines.

Intuitive operation

As a complete solution including app and administrator account, every company, municipality, city or institution can operate, manage and set prices intuitively and independently.

Always fully charged

The revolutionary docking stations take on two essential tasks: SECURING and CHARGING . As soon as the user pushes the bike into the station, the station locks automatically and within a few seconds the charging process starts.

Minimal operating costs

With SOLARBIKES, laborious tasks such as changing batteries, charging batteries or collecting bikes are a thing of the past. The operation of an entire fleet can therefore be managed by just one person .

No building permit

Thanks to the dead weight foundation, each unit with 6 bikes is a temporary system. Realization can thus take place very quickly. There is also no costly infrastructure work .

Modularly expandable

Depending on requirements, further SOLARBIKES modules can be added subsequently in an area or on company premises. One unit consists of a bike port equipped with photovoltaic panels, which contains 6 inductive charging stations and e-bikes.

Individual customization

Depending on the usage scenario, you can choose from a total of 5 models, including e-scooters, from city e-bikes to e-mountain bikes. With or without neon advertising, the stations are statically adapted to the snow load depending on the area.

Grid-connected or stand-alone

SOLARBIKES works mains-connected with 220 V or can alternatively be supplied as a battery-bound island solution in order to guarantee completely self-sufficient operation in zones without a power connection.

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility

Can mobility even be sustainable? Designed as a highly automated bike rental system, SOLARBIKES is the only product on the market that closes the gap between public and private interests and demonstrates sustainability in its original form.

Our Mission - E*3

Energy autonomous

Replacing a car with an electric car increases efficiency by a factor of 4. If a car is replaced by a bicycle or e-bike, we can increase efficiency by a factor 30 increase.

Emission free

Users travel emission-free, emit no exhaust gases and thus strengthen the health of the planet. But above all, through exercise, they also improve their own health.


(E-) bike sharing helps relieve traffic because it makes a car superfluous, especially on short journeys and last mile situations . SOLARBIKES saves resources and at the same time the budget for mobility .

Intuitively digital

SOLARBIKES is a complete system and comes with an app and backend, which makes key issues, bike locks and other headaches superfluous. Within 3 clicks, users sit on the bike and can start cycling.

Europe-wide network

The Europe-wide TBA network guarantees the quality assurance of the individual products, the processes and the safety in operation.

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

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