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Uniqe Advantages

Investment funded

Strange but true. For SOLARBIKES, companies in Austria currently receive up to 30% of the net acquisition costs as non-repayable funding under certain conditions.


You save space and installation costs for employee parking spaces. A SOLARBIKES module with the dimensions of 4 x 2 m replaces 6 parking spaces.

Suitable for Leasing

SOLARBIKES is fully leasable and can be financed with our leasing partner for various terms. This corresponds to between EUR 59, - and EUR 149, - per e-bike per month, including operation and service.

High value for money

SOLARBIKES consists of high quality e-bikes from European manufacturers. For the price of a "normal" e-bike, SOLARBIKES offers e-bike, bike port, PV system and inductive charging station.

Promote Health

When your employees move around by bike, it is for their health. Studies confirm this and as an employer you benefit directly from fewer sick days for your employees.


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