100% mobility. 100% green. 100% autonomous.

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We help municipalities to make green mobility and electromobility available to the public easily and free of charge


Strange but true. For SOLARBIKES, municipalities in Austria currently receive attractive funding.
under certain conditions


The realization of SOLARBIKES is a measure that is highly effective. Low investment creates 100% green mobility and at the same time relieves the current traffic . Cycling also contributes to health . SOLARBIKES is an efficient and effective measure to make the transport sector energy-autonomous .

Suitable for Leasing

SOLARBIKES is fully leasing-capable and can be financed with our leasing partner optionally over different terms. This corresponds to between EUR 59, - and EUR 150, - per e-bike per month.

High value for money

SOLARBIKES consists of high quality e-bikes from European manufacturers. For the price of a "normal" e-bike, SOLARBIKES offers e-bike, bike port, PV system and inductive charging station.


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